Shot by Claire Wood on 17th October 2018.
Shot by Claire Wood @Clairewoodphotography

I am an Electrical Engineer by profession and numerous wannabes in my pastime – a writer, a polyglot, a scientist, football player, swimmer, a superhero in disguise (now that’s fantasy!). I love reading and learning new languages, and both of these interests drove my desire to start writing. Born and grown up in India and emigrated to the UK, where I continued my professional career and met my wife, my writings swing back and forth between the two different worlds. Juggling a demanding professional life and a busy family life with two mischievous girls when at home, the writing project is often moved down the priority list. Yet reading back the posts and wondering if I wrote them, gives me the impetus to carry on. I have not tried much creative writing until recently; apart from reliving some of my life experiences, most of the writings are topical. I am passionate about a number of areas such as politics, travel, science, religion (or atheism), history, French language, cuisine. At present most of my posts are in English or in my native Bengali, although I have tried to write a few blogs in French and German. I am desperate to write more in French, but a long hiatus since last serious engagement created a large gap between expectation and reality, which I will try to bridge in near future.


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