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Ration Challenge UK 2021

When it comes to eating, I am often greedy; eating more than what I need. I am also deeply moved by the Syrian refugee crisis and willing to do more to make life better for the refugees who fled Syria. The Ration challenge will be an eye-opener for how difficult it is to survive with the small amount of food the refugees receive in the camps and how we can and should give more to charities like Concern to improve the lives of the people who fled their homes. For me, it’s only a seven day experience, for the families in the camps, these amounts of food will continue for eternity. I’m hoping this challenge will not only allow me to experience how one can survive with the meagre diet, but also will leave a long-lasting effect on choosing how much food to buy and donating the surplus to charities like Concern, fighting poverty and hunger.

This will, by no means, be a similar experience when all other aspects of life will remain comfortable; but these seven days would make me understand what being under constant hunger feels like. You can contribute in many ways, one of which is to sponsor me on the link below, but you can also take part in this by yourself or as a team. The money raised through the donations are used helping the refugees with food, healthcare and supports to the Syrian refugees in Jordan. You can also help by sharing so someone else may be interested in taking part. Whichever way you can contribute, it’ll be much appreciated. During the challenge, I will be posting a daily update on what I have prepared, but more importantly, the physical and emotional upheavals experienced due to the reduction in food intake.

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Subhadeep Das • Ration Challenge UK 2021