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Ration Challenge Day-1: Baptism of Fire

First of all, the funding info: #RationChallengeUK, @ConcernUK. Here is the link to the donations: Subhadeep’s Ration Challenge UK 2021

So, it’s finally happening. On yesterday’s post I mentioned about various dilemmas I’ve faced but in the end, I started the challenge in high spirits. I didn’t want to cook many types of food as I only have one spice to add to the recipes, and no salt as yet as I’m yet to hit the £75 mark to add salt to the food. My thoughts on today will be around the dilemma about food waste and a brief overview of what I’ve cooked and my plans for the week.

I have managed to find my first sponsor. I managed to persuade my 7 y.o. daughter to donate £5 out of her pocket money after I explained what the RationChallengeUK was about. Even though in terms of bank balance, she is the richest person in our house, her generosity is appreciable. Let’s see how close I get to the £100 target I did set.

Coming over to the dilemma I spoke about, it is about food waste in our house. I am the unanimous scavenger of the house. So, any unused food destined for the bin goes through my stringent control checks, and in most cases I end up eating them. We generally reheat chilled food once, but beyond that, they head up to the bin unless I offer to eat them later. Today we had pizza, chips and noodles that went to the bin after my daughters didn’t eat them. My dilemma was whether to eat the food rather than throwing in the bin. Whilst it was unfair to eat food out of the portion, if the fois was getting wasted anyway, would is not be wise to eat them? I have resisted the temptation today. I have asked the opinion on the other fellow participants in social media and I’ll decide whether I’d eat the scrapped food. I think have I sort of made up my mind that I won’t but it’ll be an interesting conversation.

About my meal plans now…I planned to have rice almost on every meal i.e. 14 meals during the challenge. Looking at people’s experience, I now know that I will somehow find it easier to cope as I don’t eat much salad or fruit, nor do I drink hot or cold beverage. I normally don’t eat breakfast either, so I will have 14 meals to plan about. I have decided to do rice, stur fried chickpeas, kidney beans curry and lentil Dahl. I will use cumin as my spice which I can use while, ground, paste or ground roasted. The one thing I’m missing at the moment is salt, as my collection hasn’t hit £75. On the last day, I’ve decided to treat myself with the sardines.

So, on the first day, what did I have? I made rice, chickpea stir fry with ground and roasted cumin and lentil dahl. I have used nearly 200g of rice and every time I felt hungry, I ate a piece of chickpea or a teaspoon of lentil dahl. I knew the portion sizes had to be limited, so I used excessive cumin and the chickpeas are so spicy that I can make it last up to Wednesday. With the abundance of food in our house, it was hard today not to be tempted, but I have succeeded so far. But my plan of having 3-4 types of food is probably going to change. After today, I cannot stop thinking about food and I’ll probably try other recipes. I might even have to make some breakfast if I feel too hungry in the morning to start working. I’ll have to wait and see tomorrow.

I thought that on the first day, I won’t feel the difference but all I can say is I couldn’t be more wrong. All day I have been itching to eat the food lying around in the house. I even sniffed the sausages and chips I made for dinner for my family. My mouth never ceased watering. But I curbed my cravings with water or a nibble of chickpeas or a little spoonful of dahl. I felt restless and hungry especially after dinner time. Tomorrow will be even more difficult as I will be working throughout the day. Whether I’d be able to suppress my cravings and restlessness with work, or whether the work will be affected due to virtually being in empty stomach — we’ll find out tomorrow. The fact that you cannot function in empty stomach, it hit me so early and hard that it’s unreal in this day and age millions of people have to undergo this harrowing experience due to our greed and ego. I hope one day not only the refugees will be well looked after and assimilated in their host country, but there will be a time when nobody has to go through the traumas of war and be forced to flee the place they called home.


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