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Ration challenge Day – 0

Finally it’s the first day of the challenge. This is to highlight the progress I’ve made so far and where I stand as I start the week of eating out of portions supplied to the Syrian refugees in Jordan for the week. Today, ill talk about the preparation for the challenge and progress so far with the fundraiser.

I have been an introvert for most part of my life and I find it difficult asking for something. Even if I asked anybody of anything, asking with conviction and persevering with it was out of question. No wonder the fundraiser is at a dismal state where I’m the only contributor for my appeal. So if you’ve read this far, There’s the fundraiser page if you’re want to find out what the challenge is all about and if you can contribute to the cause. So for over two months, I haven’t raised any sum because I haven’t personally asked anyone. The success of a fundraiser depends on the strength of your network and ultimately the buck stops at you. So, whilst I have many good friends who I keep in touch through social media, I haven’t asked often enough to make a compelling impression. It’s a learning for me from this experience, that to have a successful campaign, one has to shed their timidity and hesitation.

Having had no success in raising the money for the refugees, I doubted for a while, whether to go ahead with the challenge. The sum I contributed would go to the charity but beyond that, if there are no donor, what was the point in it? I wasn’t even sure if I’d carry on three days back. Then I thought that the whole argument for not carrying on was selfish. The thought of sacrificing something without the same or greater return is always less encouraging. So I wanted to maintain my cosy lifestyle and only willing to perturb it in case that hardship resulted in a collection towards the charity. But thinking about it, what I’ll gain from this experience is reason enough to carry on and complete the challenge. Just surviving on the same ration as received by the refugees in various camps across the world doesn’t by any means make us feel like how they feel. We have not witnessed the trauma they have, nor are we unsure of when the misery will end. And we’ll still be living in the comfort of our homes, not in refugee shelters. Yet, we will feel the hunger, and how it affects the day to day life even when all other factors are favourable. This will make us see what millions of people go through every day, unluckily without an end in sight like us who are doing this challenge. It will be a humbling experience, yearning to give more back to the societies near and far. Coming from a family of refugees, this experience will be close to my heart as I have heard many personal experiences of the traumas of war and fleeing the country you lived in. The biggest gain for me would be if whatever I could contribute would provide an extra fruit or an extra blanket to at least one of the millions of victims of war — war that probably broke out because of our unending greed.

So, the last section for today is about my preparation. At the beginning I was over optimistic and was sure to have enough contributions to add salt to my meals. Looks like I haven’t yet. So, my plan is simple. I will have rice and lentils and to spice things up, I will have a tin of kidney beans, tin of sardine and chickpeas. I’ll cook the chickpeas and kidney beans with cumin powder and eat with my lentil and rice. Things will a a bit complicated as our anniversary in 15th falls in between. We might go out on 15th, in which case, I’ll pay a cheat fine of £25, or defer it to the next weekend. I see myself drinking a lot of water to keep me full, but here is the list of contents for the box:

  • 420g rice
  • 170g red lentil
  • 85g dried chickpeas
  • Small tin (120g) of sardine
  • 400g tin of red kidney beans

On top of that, I can have:

  • 1.5kg rice
  • 400g flour
  • 330ml oil
  • A spice of my choice

I think the rice is excessive but for 14 meals I may need some of that 1.5kg voucher. For the self-funding, I got to choose one spice and I chose cumin powder. Biggest problem is I have no salt. Maybe I’ll put extra spice so I can go without salt. Let’s see. Finally, to see how this affects my body, I measured my weight, and I’m 85kg. If you’ve been patient enough to read this far, if you can, please contribute to this great cause especially during this hard times where camps are struggling dealing with COVID infections. I’ll post tomorrow and share how the first day went.


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