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Last days of Trump era — a parallel with Gladiator

As it was becoming quite clear that Donald Trump will soon be kicked out of the White House, we celebrated, but with caution. As the overgrown toddler that Mr Trump is, his tantrums are epic and we’ll never have enough of it. And he reacted as predicted as his lead disappeared. He made many ghastly statements during the counting — from urging to stop counting since he has won, to blaming the Democrats of rigging the vote counting process. One of the most powerful moments was when he went on one such tirade about corrupt counting process, more than one news media cut the live telecast off. It reminded me the climax for the film Gladiator (2000), where the disarmed emperor Commodus asks for a sword from his soldiers to finish off the wounded gladiator Maximus (Russell Crowe), and Commander Quintus orders all his soldiers to sheathe their swords. The two incidents- one fictional and one real – clearly depicts what happens to the tyrants. They all bite the dust one day, crushed by the juggernaut of time. And when it’s time to go, they leave no legacy and depart without any grace. So will Trump, when the tantrums will be over, when in a fit of rage he will have no one else to dismiss, he will be thrown out of his vain empire, unceremoniously, just as Commodus in Gladiator lay in the dirt, in a pool of blood, dead and alone, whilst Maximum was carried away graciously from the colosseum for a hero’s farewell.

Trump may have built an empire based on hate, he may have found some media support that fomented the lies he spoke, but all the ‘yes Mr. president’ people around him, they were all biding their time, waiting for the ordeal to be over. It’s not over yet, and he will try to turn things nasty, but he will go. And not only the presidency, but the impeachment to follow, as will the trial for the millions of tax he evaded. Possibly Melania will leave as well.

So, what will remain of the legacy of the worst president in the history of the USA? There will be hilarious tweets, hateful speeches, arrogance, lies — basically what one would not want to be remembered for. As in Gladiator, Commodus would be known as the emperor who replaced the emperor Marcus Aurelius, Trump’s name will only be remembered as someone who became president after Obama. But does the legacy of Trump is limited to himself? The reason I mentioned cautious celebration at the beginning, is because his legacy reaches far beyond the Capitol Hill, and for all the wrong reasons. In the land of KKK, which have been a melting pot for racism, hate crime and neo-Nazism, Trump — with his outrageous speeches — have given his followers a hope to unleash their hate campaign. He has set a precedence that these outlaws can be given a free rein one day. His legacy will also stretch beyond the boundaries of the USA, as similar political movements elsewhere found a strong ally in him — from Brazil to India. I hope Biden-Harris will do their best for the USA to heal, but as for Donald Trump, he will be remembered for selling a fake dream, like his fake tan, of making America great again to millions of Americans, and then delivering fuck all.


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