Literature, short story

Three Pumas – a drabble

Thursday 18:15. I was driving on the QE2 bridge when I noticed three Pumas in the sky. They were heading towards the bridge and were flying really low. In the rose-tinted sky, they looked ominous. I drove on, with bated breath. They were just above the mast!

No missiles split the bridge in two, no cars ahead morphed into Transformers, no sign of Godzillas behind me! Just the dull blade slaps through the window. The choppers went north, and we all headed Kent. I told myself again, life isn’t Dolby Digital!

Must’ve noticed my Batmobile. Gotham is safe again!

Courtesy: Rob Lovesey, The Squadron Helicopters of RAF Benson performing at the RAF Benson Families Day 2011

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