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Where have you gone, Mike Nomad?

I grew up in a period reading the amazing tales of the comic strips. Unlike Phantom, Mandrake, Flash Gordon etc, Mike Nomad always portrayed a haggard look, almost detached and aloof…a common man solving mysteries and in most cases getting into trouble and redeem himself. With the frenzy of republishing Gold age comics, perhaps Mike should get a chance to relive as well.


I was a newspaper fan from childhood, years before I would have guessed my writings would appear in print on a nearly daily basis. Decades before the Interwebs made it possible to connect with the big, wide world on an instantaneous basis, TV, radio and newspapers were my connection, my contact, to everything out there that was bigger than me.

Just as Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” was the avenue for a kid from Central Indiana to learn about the finer points of Jewish comedians and great jazz, so newspapers were a way for a Cowan elementary-schooler to begin to form a rudimentary grasp of current events.

And newspaper comic strips were the icing on that cake of information.

I read virtually all the comic strips, from the beautifully drawn but kind of impenetrable, plot-wise, “Prince Valiant” Sunday strips to the bread-and-butter comedy of “Hagar.” I read the comics page from…

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