Life experience, Nature


A friend told me once, that nature sustains me. I couldn’t agree more to her statement. I think growing up alone, without siblings, without friends made me drawn towards nature. It was like being mesmerised, sometimes suffocated by the beauties of nature. Nature evoked a sense of awe within me.

Perhaps the tie began when my father started taking me to the bank of the river, and we watched the sunset, an occasional passage of a train over the bridge on the river – miles ahead. And he used to tell me that the train is going pass through the reserve forest of Bethuadahari, and I visualised deers, snakes, wild boars.

Then, when we moved to Calcutta, everything appeared so artificial. So, every Saturday we used to board bus no. 39 and go to Babughat, by the river Ganges. The Calcutta port was alive then, and I watched with wonders, huge ships those were going to cross seven seas. In the evening, when darkness fell, the ships used to blow the siren, and the flowing river twinkled with the lights from those ships.

As it is appearing, nature is the second nature to me, I’m not going to discuss in detail anymore. I rather want to put the focus from a new angle. Unlike most Bengalis, I didn’t get to travel to different parts of India. Yet, I was able to cherish the beauties around me. Though they weren’t diverse, they were distinct. I still get lost when it rains on a gloomy evening, I still feel like gasping when everything turns golden after an afternoon shower and the whole city seems like a huge mirror reflecting the sunlight in all directions.

So, when I was to deliver a lecture in a training session about the most memorable day in my life, I could only think of a day related to nature. I’ll share that experience later but till then…Hail my tryst with nature!!


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